Karolina Colors

Artist Painter of Emotions

"My artwork is based on an emotional and intuitive style of painting, tainted with memories, where my original roots play an important role. My expression is constantly evolving.

I paint as I like to live : being in accordance with myself, sharing this feeling and finding the right balance for each moment."

It's all about balance.

Discover her artistic universe

Karolina is a contemporary artist whose paintings are abstract and intuitive.

Her abstract art is a way of bringing out the imprints of life and the traces of the past. Generous and passionate, she takes you on a journey through her paintings to discover her imaginary world, where colours blend together like her culture.

Her background

Karolina was born in Sweden from a Finnish mother and a Swedish father. At the age of 11, the family moved to France. It was only after the birth of her 4 children that she started painting on her own.

For her 40th birthday, she organised her first exhibition in her home town near Paris. The adventure lasted several years, during which she made a living from her art.

During 10 years, she took on a new professional challenge that left little room for creativity. Covid came along, and after a period of confinement, during a stay in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, she was inspired to start creating again. When she was offered the chance to exhibit in Les Baux de Provence in 2023, she decided to take up the challenge and share her colourful stories once again.

Her artistic approach

Her interest in painting strated with a number of "flashes" of colour... A mixture of textures and materials that she saw in her head. The need to create became obvious.

In an improvised studio (kitchen), she experimented with various painting techniques, creating a base with irregularities, which she then completed with paint to bring out the "faults" in order to recreate a new balance and visual harmony.